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At Trisha Stromsodt, CPA we understand the financial needs you have. Our valued clients have diverse needs that we respond to with years of professional experience and the quality of personal service. We welcome any of your questions and provide financial consultation to determine how we can assist you. Trisha Stromsodt, CPA provides individual and business income tax preparation, farm and small business consulting, personal and estate tax planning, bookkeeping and payroll services, as well as many other financial services. We invite you to view a few of the services we offer and contact us with your questions and inquiries.

Tax Preparation - For Personal and Business

Preparing and filing taxes often brings feelings of dread, especially if you think you will have to pay in to the IRS. We, at Trisha Stromsodt, would like to put you at ease. Visit our relaxing environment and let us handle your financial situations in the most proficient way. Being professional accountants, we can help you find solutions that you may not have been aware of, furthering your financial standing. Trisha Stromsodt, CPA will take care of your personal and business tax stresses and help you plan your tax future.

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Accounting Services - Accounting Set-Ups

If you are just starting a business or company and want to build a solid financial foundation that will develop and grow with your business, consider a professional accountant. At Trisha Stromsodt, we have experience in watching the financial development of businesses. A business requires careful financial grooming and smart planning. It is our business to take care of the financial health and development of your business. Our accounting firm will set up your accounting process so you are free to invest your efforts in the growth of your business. Alternatively, we can work with you in all aspects of your accounting process, then show you how to manage it on your own. Trisha Stromsodt, CPA will take care of all of your business's accounting set-up needs, with the health and longevity of your business in mind.

QuickBooks - QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor

Your business can be financially adept with QuickBooks software. Once you learn how to install and use this program, you are on your way to accounting proficiency. QuickBooks is your business's financial best friend, supporting you with at-a-glance filing of your forms and automated mathematical calculations.
Tasks such as invoicing, paying bills, payroll management, and receiving payments will all be within your business scope with QuickBooks software. You will be able to turn your estimates into invoices, then receive your payments from your customers.
Trisha Stromsodt, CPA is your QuickBooks resource. A QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor, Trisha Stromsodt will help you set up your program. As a certified advisor, Trisha has special privileges with QuickBooks. She has the ability to offer clients discounts on QuickBooks products, as well as having private access to designated advisors to better assist you. Once your QuickBooks program is set up, she will then provide training and support, all to make your life just a little bit easier.

Payroll - Payroll Services

Where would your business be without your valued employees? Paying them is not only a way to show how much you value them, but is also a legal requirement. Think about all of the financial forms and legal issues of managing payroll that can consume your time and energy. Whether your business is just a few employees or you have a large scale operation with many employees, Trisha Stromsodt, CPA will take care of all your payroll needs. Let us help you improve the efficiency of your business with smoothly-managed payroll services.

Bookkeeping - Monthly and Yearly

Keeping your business in order is our specialty. Bookkeeping for an active and full-functioning business is a full time job. At Trisha Stromsodt, CPA we take the job of your business bookkeeping seriously. As professional accountants ,we are highly proficient bookkeeping professionals. We also provide training for you or your staff in bookkeeping management. Let us assist you with full service bookkeeping management. Contact us for a consultation.


Along with many financial and accounting services, we also offer business and tax consulting. Trisha Stromsodt, CPA has years of professional accounting experience to provide you with top tax and business advice. We realize that business and taxes are often confusing. Let us take the complexity out of your business accounting. Please contact us for a consultation.